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What are the differences between giclee prints and canvas transfer

PD March 07, 2024 by vani

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Giclee prints and canvas transfer represent two ways to produce a high-quality print. But both have their features and attributes and of course, they also differ in how they are created. Let’s now look at these aspects in detail. 

Canvas transfer 

A canvas transfer offers an easy solution to get Canvas Prints when you already have a print or a poster made from an image. It involves transferring such a print/poster onto a canvas surface where it gets affixed. To create a canvas transfer, first of all, the poster/ print gets slathered with a special coating. This detaches the image from the paper so that it sticks to the film of the coating. This layer is then sealed on the canvas surface with the application of heat. Thus, the original image takes on the texture of a canvas. Then, an extra layer of UV protective coating is applied over the canvas surface. The canvas with this coating gets pulled over the frame. 

Advantages of canvas transfer 

  • Preserves image for long: The canvas prints that you get as a result of canvas transfer last for much longer than your typical prints and posters. 

  • Aesthetic value: Canvas prints are considerably more pleasing than regular prints and posters. 

  • Prevents fading: As mentioned earlier, a protective coating is applied on the canvas surface before it is mounted. This helps prevent the picture from fading over long periods and also keeps moisture from damaging the picture. 

  • Easy to clean: Typical image prints are hard to clean as the application of water or other liquids could easily damage them. But canvas transfers, provided they are varnished, can be washed with a glass cleaner or using a soap and water mix. This helps keep them bright and in good condition.  

Tips to take care of canvas transfers 

You can ensure the maximum durability of your canvas transfers by following the tips. 

  • Keep out of sunlight: Ensure that you don’t hang a canvas transfer in a direct line of sunlight. Such direct exposure could result in the picture getting faded. 

  • Clean periodically: As mentioned earlier, varnished canvas transfers can be easily cleaned. Take advantage of this and clean them periodically to keep them in good condition. 

Giclee Prints 

If you are interested in art or photography, you probably have already heard of giclee prints. If not, it is something well worth getting acquainted with. For Giclee Prints are widely considered the gold standard in prints, suitable for creating canvas prints among others.  

Giclee prints are made using Giclee printing, and derive its name from the French word that means ‘to squirt’ or ‘to spray.’ This refers to the method by which ink is applied on the print surface- by spraying onto it. These prints are created with sophisticated printers that can use a wide spectrum of inks. For instance, Photostop's printer can incorporate eleven different colour tones. Giclee prints are typically made using pigment-based inks. These high-quality inks help you create prints with high fidelity to the original. This is why these prints are favoured by artists who wish to produce limited-edition prints of their works. 

Advantages of giclee prints 

  • Longevity: As mentioned before, giclee prints are made using high-quality inks. Aside from this, if you also choose a good quality canvas to print the image on, these prints can last for over a hundred years without noticeable deterioration. 

  • Excellent fidelity to original: Giclee prints yield the best results in terms of the vividness of colours and the depth of the image. 

  • Offers another revenue stream for artists: For artists and photographers, giclee prints help create limited editions of their works, which they can bring to a wider audience. 

  • It makes it easy to collect works of art: Not everyone can afford an original artwork. But giclee prints offer a more affordable alternative while bearing similar vividness and depth to the original image. 

Now that you have seen the differences between giclee prints and canvas transfer, you can make an informed decision about which to choose for your requirements. For giclee prints that stand the test of time, reach out to Photostop- a leading service provider in Bangalore that specialises in high-quality art and photographic prints. 

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