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What are the differences between acrylic and canvas printing?

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Reproducing an image with great fidelity is as much an art as it is a science. Both acrylic and canvas prints offer the same. While it is possible to order canvas prints online it’s worth your time to look closer at the differences between acrylic and canvas printing to ensure that you are making the right choice. So before you shortlist a provider for canvas printing in Bangalore check out the comparison below. 

How acrylic prints are created 

Acrylic prints can be made using two methods. The first one is called face mounting. In this, the picture is printed on a paper sheet which is then embedded between two separate acrylic sheets. Usually, the sheet on the back would be opaque while the front remains transparent. The second method involves printing the picture straight onto an acrylic sheet which is then sealed with a black coating. No matter which manner of acrylic printing is involved, the result would be impressive, offering good visual clarity and depth. 

How canvas prints are created 

As the name implies, canvas prints are made by applying the picture straight on a canvas surface. This is then stretched over a frame. Either the canvas could completely wrap around the frame or stretched over its front with a distinct border created for the frame. Usually, the border is made in a color that complements the picture. For the best canvas printing in Bangalore, you can rely on Photostop who is a preferred printing partner for some of the leading photographers and artists.


As mentioned before acrylic prints provide high-resolution images. They produce sleek results, with crisp visual clarity and great depth of field. Indeed, acrylic prints are among the higher end of the printing spectrum, so you can expect a high visual quality. Compared to typical printing surfaces, acrylic prints last longer as well. 

Canvas prints are textured in finish as opposed to the sleeker appearance of acrylic prints. Canvas prints are often considered as ‘classic’ prints because the texture possesses a timeless quality. These can be especially suited for paintings. But a host of photographic images including family portraits take on a unique allure when printed on canvas as well. No matter the kind of picture you want printed, you can order canvas prints online from reputed vendors. Needless to say, for canvas printing in Bangalore that gives the best results, you can rely on Photostop. 


An image owes its power largely to the subject and also the colors in it. While the subject is entirely the prerogative of the artist, the reproduction of the colors depends on the prints you choose. In this regard, acrylic prints provide good color reproduction. 

Canvas printing ensures that the colors in your image remain vibrant.  This is due to the fact that during canvas printing additional layers of colors may be applied so that even the smallest detail stands out. Special inks are used in the process so that the print on canvas has colors that match the original.

Typically, canvases are made using either polyester or cotton. If you use cotton, the ink would seep well into the material, providing depth to the hues. With polyester on the other hand, the color would stay relatively more to the surface, but with striking vividness. For the best canvas printing make sure that you choose the right canvas material for your purposes. 


Canvas prints are extremely durable. The exact longevity would depend on the type of canvas that you choose. But it’s a safe bet that they would last for decades without any significant fading of colors or image quality. Also, it is relatively easy to move around. Yet another advantage is its robustness- a canvas print doesn’t easily break even if it endures minor falls. Acrylic prints can also offer reasonably good longevity. So, if you are looking to create images that can be enjoyed across decades and possibly by generations, confidently order canvas prints online. 

Personal preferences no doubt play an important role in choosing a print- canvas or acrylic. However, if you want a timeless quality and texture, then canvas prints are a great choice.  They have an impressive visual presence no matter where you put them up. Making matters even better, you can get canvas prints in different sizes to suit different interiors. You can get great canvas prints online but make sure that you get them from a reputed vendor with a strong track record. Canvas printing is something that requires specialized skills. To get the best canvas printing in Bangalore ensure that you approach outlets with skilled professionals, like Photostop. Also, for canvas printing that matches your preferences, the vendor should be able to provide different canvas options to choose from. 

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