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Fine Art and Canvas Printing – The Two Sides of The Same Coin

PD September 26, 2018 by vani

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We have many creative agencies and printing consultants who provide both fine art printing services and custom canvas prints. But the question arises in your mind, What is fine art printing? And what is canvas printing? Canvas printing is the process of printing a photo onto a canvas and it is stretched and gallery wrapped using a frame and finally rendered. On the other hand, fine art printing is the process of printing old or new paintings (artwork) onto a canvas for preserving these relics for a long time. Both the printing techniques result in products that are long-lasting. Quality fine art prints catch the eye of the onlooker and prove to be the best examples of quality canvas printing. Today a large number of professional photographers and artists in metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai are always on the lookout for the best fine art printing and canvas prints. With the advent of giclee printing, all historic pieces of fine art can be printed detail by detail and preserved. Even modern digital photographs can be given a timeless touch with giclee printing to capture sweet memories for a long time. Coating canvas photo prints or fine art prints will increase the longevity of the prints by protecting them from dust, dirt, moisture, and insects. Even the museums all over the world are adopting fine art printing techniques to make the art relics immortal. You can get different textured canvas paper to suit your digital photo printing or fine art printing projects. If you want a glossy look or a matte finish, you must choose the suitable canvas paper that serves your purpose. Young photographers often resort to making stunning portfolios with their digital canvas prints. Similarly, young artists transform their artwork into timeless fine art prints and display them in their art exhibitions to get accolades from the audience. Even the tech-dummies like us can go for canvas printing services to usher in a new lease of a long life into our sweetest memories of our friends and family. You can always hire a printing agency who provide both high-quality fine art printing and canvas art online. With more and more people turning to fine art prints to adorn their homes and offices, creative agencies are cashing on the situation by providing the latest fine art printing technology. India is a cradle of all civilizations and aptly called as the birthplace of many fine arts. So, the fine art prints and canvas prints are adding luster to our age-old culture and our patronage for fine arts. Bangalore and Mumbai have become the hubs for fine art and canvas prints online, producing lakhs of fine art prints and canvas frames online year after year. Hundreds of creative agencies are operating in Bangalore and Mumbai offering high-quality fine art printing and canvas printing services. Photostop – an online initiative by Honeycomb Creative Support is one of the top online canvas photo printing and fine art printing services provider with branches in both Bangalore and Mumbai.

Fine-Art-Printing & Canvas Printing is not just a photographic reproduction of artworks and painting. Rather, it is printing, which captures and imbibes the originality of paintings and artworks. Hence Fine-Art-Printing & Canvas Printing has been the most admired printing works. Earlier, about two decades back, Fine-Art-Prints & Canvas Prints were done using inkjets. Kodak and 3M were some of the popular manufactures of earlier inkjets.

As the technology elevated to new heights, the Fine-art-printing & Canvas Printing industry saw the arrival of effective and wider printing and scanning devices. Epson 9900, the eleven-color printer, is one of the best devices which can reproduce artworks and paintings.

Photostop, the Fine-Art-Printing division of Honeycomb Creative Support located in Koramangala, Bangalore & Andheri West, Mumbai is one of the leading present day’s Fine-Art-Printing Services & Canvas Printing Services agency which has gained popularity.

Source – Honeycomb Creative Support (Parent Company of Photostop).

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