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9 Ways To Maintain Fine Art Prints

PD January 28, 2020 by Noufel A N

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Fine art prints and canvas wraps are recreations of digital or handmade artwork. As vibrant as it looks, it requires the right amount of care to stay and look astounding forever. Keeping in mind the properties  of the fine art prints media and pigments used, it is important to understand that aging of a print is a natural chemical and biological process. In order to prevent them from factors like pollution, sunlight, heat, humidity, smoke, dust and air circulation. Follow these 9 Directions to print care to cherish your memories for 50+ years. 1. Avoid direct exposure of prints to sunlight
  • To prevent prints from fading
  • Prints are to be displayed indoors only
  Sunny day 2. Do not stack prints during transportation and storage
  • Avoid stacking to prevent from shape shifting
  • Separate them with pieces of cardboard to avoid damage
  stack prints 3. Use cardboard packing during transportation
  • Protect the print and frame securely with heavy padding of cardboard
  • Bubble wrap and place it in a suitable cardboard box
  cardboards 4. Dust at least once in 2 weeks
  • Display prints in dust-free environment
  • Occasionally dust it off with a clean, soft brush or a duster to prevent dust accumulation
  • Do not use cloth, cleaning products or water
  clean dust 5. Use gloves provided in the kit
  • While handling or framing use the gloves to avoid fingerprints or scratches on the print and frame
  use gloves 6. Avoid exposure of prints from extreme weather conditions
  • Avoid excessive dryness, humidity,heat or cold
  • Extreme weather conditions can adversely affect the prints
  weather conditions 7. Fix a rubber bush to prevent moisture entering the frame
  • In coastal or hilly region, if the walls are developing fungus or dampness due to continuous rains, there are chances it may spread to the frame
  • Fix a small rubber bush behind the frame to avoid direct contact between the wall and the frame
  • It is advisable to have the print with glass frames in these areas
    8. Avoid glass for canvas to breathe
  • If framed under glass you may trap moisture inside the frame
  • Canvases experience small, subtle shifts over time due to mild atmospheric changes,so it is best to leave them without glass to allow them to adjust with these slight changes.
  9. To prevent the prints from moisture
  • Keep the frame in sunlight for 1 hour a day for a week
  • In absence of sunlight use a hot air blower or hair dryer on very low heat
      Hope this tips will help you to maintain your Fine Art Prints that lasts for generations. If you have any questions or ideas for additional info, comment below! If you like this, do follow our page on : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Pinterest : Linkedin :

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